[photogallerylink id=99362 align=left] Today’s match-up in Q Music Madness brings us two male singers with passionate fan bases. It’s Adam Lambert and his Glamberts against Justin Bibeber‘s army of Beliebers

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Comments (9)
  1. Shay says:

    Apparently Justin Bieber’s fans have more important things to do.

    1. Desiree says:

      ANYTHING is more important than Beiber. lol

  2. Ada says:

    Hey Shay.. You mean like YOU?? lol. Justin is growing up and losing his appeal. You know, like most child/tween sensations do. I can name many. Kids/teens go thru crushes and fads like crazy. Not so with Adam. Adam has LOYAL fans from ages 2 to 80+. (i’m 27, btw).. And FYI We have plenty to do and that includes supporting a future legend. Oh yeah, 1 more thing.. Grow up. Your comment is childish.

    1. Elise says:

      Butthurt, much? Between JB and AL though, whose career is flourishing more? Who has sold more records? Isn’t it the artist who has a bigger fan base and more loyal fans that does?

      Here are some statistics on JB’s fans vs AL’s:

      Given the statistics, looks like AL has a long way to go to get the kind of career that JB has.

      And yes, I totally agree with Shay that JB fans have better things to do than spam on a poll that has Adam on it.

      And don’t you dare deny about the poll spamming. I’ve also received instructions from crazy Adam fans on what to do and do what it takes to win polls… really sad IMO.

      1. net says:

        don’t cry a little baby, baby, baby…hahaha

      2. Isabelle says:

        scuse me, but I kinda laughed at the part Ā«kind of careerĀ» HA! Don’t you know all the experience Adam has gained before to even become famous? He worked hard for this, so please don’t YOU dare deny his talent and the efforts he put into his career. JB? youtube video, instant celebrity. Maybe he is good, but I wouldnt dare compare the kind of career between them. The statistics don’t matter, it’s all about love. We won this poll, so please shut your beautiful mouth and be respectful. One more thing, who are you to call yourself a loyal fan, and yet bitching about others? I’m done.

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