Why Everyone Hates Madonna

Welp. O’ Madge can’t catch a break. From talking about drugs to beef with Piers Morgan, I believe there is some ‘splain’ to do!

The drug talk. Apparently Madonna was at The Ultra Music Festival on Saturday and said to a crowd of 18 year old’s (most likely 20 somethings) “Have you seen Molly?” “Molly” in the underground world of ‘rave’ kids, is code for ‘MDMA’, the active ingredient in the drug ecstasy. Some Electro musician named Deadmau5 had an issue with it, basically yelling a Madge saying it was not appropriate. Madge defended her statement, saying she was referring to her friend Cedric Gervais’s song called, wait for it, “Have you seen Molly”. Lay off her Deadmau5! Geez and side bar, how would you know about the “code” name for ecstasy. Someone has a secret!

Moving on to Piers Morgan, we don’t know what the ‘H’ is going on between these two. All we know is Madonna joined Twitter this week and Piers’ welcomed her with this tweet “You’re still banned from my show.” He later extended the ban to both his US and his UK show, but so far he hasn’t explained his beef with Madge. He did, however, tell TMZ yesterday that he wants her to apologize for the mystery slight “on bended knee.”

Now for her new video “Girl Gone Wild,” Youtube thinks it’s too racy for younger viewers and put an age restriction on it.

ABC isn’t happy with her because of her ad for new fragrance Truth or Dare, asking her to clean it up before it can air.

And, lastly, her 15-year-old daughter was caught smoking. Mama bear is losing her touch.

I still believe in you Madonna! That Superbowl Show was amazing and so are you! Can’t wait til’ November to see you in all your glory right here in Cleveland! Team MADGE.


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