We all have our different ways to keep beer cold all while trying to finish the mug, can or bottle before it starts to get warm.  Some people go with the frosted mug, others sunch as myself, the coozie, I’ve even seen ice in the beer!  What if someone came up with a better way of keeping beer chilled?

Japanese brewing company Kirin has created a frozen foam that can be dispensed on top of your beer.  Just like filling a cone with soft-serve ice cream!  So essentially, beer foam ice cream.  Um, yum, even if you don’t have a mug full of beer, you could easily grab a bowl and a spoon.  Wonder how sprinkles would taste on beer foam ice cream?

Here is how it works according to Gizmag

To make the topping, regular Ichiban beer is frozen to -5 degrees Celsius (23 degrees Fahrenheit) while air is continuously blown into it. It’s kind of like when a child makes bubbles in their drink, except inside a blast freezer. Once the topping is placed onto regular, unfrozen beer though, it acts as an insulating lid and keeps the drink cold for 30 minutes. 

Forget all the scientific stuff, we all know why this is brilliant.  As the foam melts, it does not dilute the beer, because it is beer!

Sadly, you’ll have to book a flight to Japan if you want to try it out, it is currently only served in Tokyo but will be served countrywide in May.  Meaning their country, Japan.  You know what?  I’ve got a passport, maybe it’s time to travel the world!

In the meantime, I’m enlisting one of our local breweries to come up with such a thing.  You on this Great Lakes Brewing Company?


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