This is starting to get exciting!  We are only a few weeks away from a new American Idol champ.  We know this because the obvious, we are down to the Top 5, but the guest performers are getting better and better as we head to the finale.

Coldplay, for the first time in Idol history, performed live on the results show tonight, first singing their current single “Paradise”.  Then they took the stage for one more performance just before the results of who would be going home were revealed.

Let’s talk about Carrie Underwood, who was the next guest performer, gorgeous and flawless as always.  That girl was born to be a star, she blows be away every time she performs.  Guess that’s why she sang “Blown Away”, fitting.  She also announced that tickets go on sale for her Blown Away tour on May 11th and plans on hitting the road in September.

We have to get to the results though because that is what you really want to know about right?  So, dim the lights…here we go!

Joshua was up first.  Jimmy praised him for learning the song that he performed last night so quickly.  He didn’t know the song at all before rehearsals.  “Of course he is safe tonight”, according to Jimmy Iovine.  That’s what Ryan said.  Nationwide votes sent Joshua to safety.

Hollie an Phillip‘s performances were reviewed next as they were the next ones to learn their fate.  Everyone seemed to be happy with what Hollie brought to the stage yesterday.  Jimmy thought Phillip picked some very bland songs to perform.  But after the votes were revealed, Hollie was sent to the bottom two and Phillip was sent to safety.

Skylar is up next, Jimmy wasn’t thrilled with her performance but he also said she shouldn’t be sent home because of that.  Then we looked at Jessica‘s performance from last night.  The judges collectively loved her performance’s from the night, said she was at the top of the leader board after both performances.  Jimmy thinks Jessica is technically the best singer but did not care for her performance of Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” mainly because of her look on the stage, he said it was uncomfortable, too mature and too racy.  Thinks the stylists hurt her last night, she is only 16 after all.  Ryan then revealed that Jessica is safe and Skylar is in the bottom two.

Ryan, of course, stretched out the results.  I always feel bad for those poor contestants standing there.  One day I want one of them to grab the card when he is asking the judges opinion on who is going home.  I can dream.  In the end, after America’s 60 million votes were revealed Skylar ‘s American Idol journey ended tonight.

I’m semi-not good with this.  I honestly didn’t want a country winner two years in a row, but Skylar is a better performer all around than Hollie.  Hollie is very blah to me, while Skylar’s personality shines every week.  So, we are down to four, four that I am not really feeling as an Idol champ.  I’m stuck and stumped as to who I want to win this competition.  These next few weeks really need to blow me away.  I’ll pick a winner when we get to the Top 3.

Who are you rooting for?  Has your vote changed because Skylar was voted off or based on the performances?  Share your thoughts below!


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