Poor little Lila, her tummy has been hurting, at least that is what she told the doctor when we had to go for a visit.  You see, Lila doesn’t eat her vegetables and because she doesn’t her tummy hurts.

I feel like I have tried everything.  I offer them to her with every meal.  I try to bribe her.  Eat your broccoli and you can have a popsicle.  It kills me because I absolutely love vegetables, except cauliflower and mushrooms.  But I don’t bring those into the house so she doesn’t really know there is a veggie I don’t like to eat.

A friend of mine had a suggestion, which I tried and it completely backfired.  She said when she baby-sat she would tell her charges that their favorite character liked to eat whatever vegetable was on the table that night.  Easy enough, so I get out Lila’s “Dora The Explorer” plate and put some corn on it with her other food.  I said, “Dora loves corn, you should be like Dora and eat yours.”  To which she replied, “She does mommy?  OK.” and proceeds to feed Dora the corn. *palm to forehead!*

I need suggestions.  I feel bad that I am having to rely on vitamins and supplements because she just won’t give them a chance.  How did you get your kids to eat their vegetables?


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