Saw this cute video online from Coffee Shop Confessions about a mom who let her toddler name the new baby.  The best part, the kid chose SpongeBob.  Hope they at least went the extra mile and made the middle name Squarepants.

It just made me laugh because about this time last year, I was getting ready to have my second child, a boy.  It was about this time that I asked Lila what she wanted to name her new brother.  She wanted to call him Nemo after her favorite movie.  Of course, I had already committed his name to whomever would be the MVP of the Dallas Mavericks if they beat the Heat.  They did and I was stuck with Dirk.  Luckily, my husband stepped in and reminded me it was his turn to name the baby and he chose Ethan.

This story also made me laugh because Ethan has several nicknames, one of which is a cartoon character!  My dad refers to him as Linus, because he has blonde hair and a blankie.  I think, if we didn’t have to choose a name for him in the hospital and could give him one later, secretly we would want that to be his name!

But then I was thinking about other decisions I make with my toddler that seem  ok at the time and then looking back, no, not at all.  For instance my daughter, is fascinated by the numbers on the microwave, so I let her punch in the numbers for me.  Try to use the microwave on my own?  No way!  That kid could hear me using it from the other side of the house and come running, screaming “No! I can do it!”.

What about you?  Anything you let your child do that later you thought, maybe that wasn’t the best thing to let them do?


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