Justin Bieber just launched a contest in support of his new perfume, Girlfriend for his fans to rewrite his song “Boyfriend.”

“I wanted to do this whole idea where my fans would basically take my song ‘Boyfriend’ and make it into their own ‘Girlfriend’ version,” he explained. “So make your own version, rewrite it, however you want to rewrite it, and I’m gonna pick the best one and I’m gonna fly that person out to one of my concerts and have a meet-and-greet. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.”

One video in particular has quickly taken the lead. And, it’s not quite the Bieber fan video you’d expect to see. With nearly 10 seconds of horror film-like stares at the video’s start it’s hard not to turn away.

Titled simply “JB Fanvideo” YouTube user wzr0713 shares her own rendition of his single “Boyfriend.” The video, which details all the things she’d do to keep tabs on Bieber if he was her boyfriend, has racked up over one million views in two days.

“If I was your girlfriend I’d drive you up the wall/ Question who you’re with, yeah I’d always call and call/ I wouldn’t call it jealousy just lookin’ out for you/ Reading all your texts watching everything you do,” she sings.

Throughout the three minute clip the fan alternates between singing and providing a death stare showcasing just what she’s capable of doing if Bieber were to ever stray from her.

Showing her anger if he ever leaves the fan asserts “I WILL be your girlfriend” alongside another glare.

As she sings about Facebook stalking him, never letting him leave without a recording device and stealing the key to his house Bieber better hope he never encounters this fan in real life.

– Annie Reuter CBS Local


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