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Bruno Mars has reached a new level of stardom after his amazing performance on Saturday Night Live. The 13-time Grammy nominated artist joined Fee’s Kompany to his new album, his passion and the possibility of more acting in the future.

“[SNL] was everything, the most exciting, the most nerve racking, most anxiety I’ve ever had in my life” Mars said about his experience. The original plan was to just feature a Michael Jackson channel but decided to expand artists and “the day of the show basically is when that sketch was getting finalized.”

Bruno is very proud of his music and that he is working with a label that will let him be himself. “The fun part for me is go into the studio and basically write whatever the hell I want to write, sing whatever I want to sing.” said Mars. “[Unorthodox Jukebox] is middle finger to the law.”

The 27-year old artist is just doing his thing and taking it one day at a time and it shows with his personality. Some of his answers to the “Random Questions” prove that Mars is having fun:

  • hair products are “natural juices & natural berries”
  • doesn’t drive a car, he “drives a unicorn”
  • currently wearing his Grammy
  • doesn’t do P90x – it was “just a line in the song, I eat doughnuts”

The final random question was ‘Are you regretting doing our show?’ to which he responded with an emphatic “Absolutely!” followed by a chuckle.

Unorthodox Jukebox comes out Dec 11th.

Listen to the full interview:

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