The People’s Choice Awards were last night, but it was Taylor Swift’s dress that got the most attention

Adam Levine’s hosting SNL this weekend, but the Biebs will host in February

Justin’s scheduled to host Saturday Night Live Feb 9.  And TMZ says he’s given writers permission to spoof him all they want about his alleged pot smoking. BTW, Justin’s doing double duty on the show — hosting and performing.

A new show about a rapper and his baby mamas is coming under fire

The show’s called “All My Babies Mamas” … and it tells the story of rapper Shawty Lo and his 11 children… by 10 different women.

More than 30-thousand people have signed a petition saying the program “is an attack on all parents and children.”

Lindsay Lohan is accused of stealing Elizabeth Taylor’s bracelet

RadarOnline says when Lindsay was making her “Liz and Dick” movie, she took a bracelet that once belonged to Liz. A nurse who had tended to Liz before she died owned the bracelet and showed it to Lindsay. The nurse says the very same day the bracelet disappeared. She called Lindsay out about it, and it was only returned when the nurse threatened to call the cops.

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham is coming under fire for something she did to her daughter

Farrah waxed and plucked her 3-year-old daughter’s eyebrows. She says her daughter was being teased for her unibrow. So she waited till the little girl asleep and plucked her brows.

Donald Trump is suing Bill Mahr for five-million-dollars




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