As details unfold about Manti Te’o and his “dead” girlfriend, who may or may not have existed, it got me thinking of other hoaxes we have heard about throughout the years. Aside from death hoaxes, because those happen daily… do you remember these?

Lady Gaga Amputates Her Leg – in 2010 there was a rumor going around that stated Lady Gaga amputated a leg from the knee down just because it would be cool and different.  Lady Gaga debunked the rumor stating she had both legs in tact and proved it by jumping around her studio.  Her rep was also asked to confirm and simply stated “This is not true”.

Kim Kardashian Stinks Out Flight With Giant Burrito – emphasis on the giant!  Because an average burrito would not have this effect.  Supposedly, Kim had to apologize to her fellow passengers after her stinky burrito made them gag at the smell. But alas, Kim took to her blog to declare “I absolutely hate burritos”.

Paris Hilton Stabbed In Jail – this one looked to be believable because it was posted on a website designed to look like But the gig was up after multiple spelling errors and attempts at bad comedy.  Paris remained unstabbed, but not unscathed in jail.

Celebrity Death Hoaxes – thanks to Twitter, there is a new celebrity RIP hashtag daily that is never on point. The funny thing is, the death is so outrageous, like Kanye West dead at the hands of Taylor Swift, or a string of celebs that died the same way every day, that it is obvious these are hoaxes. Yet, we retweet and send out condolences via the interwebs without checking on first!

Singers Who Can’t Really Sing – We all know that yes, in these days vocals are enhanced.  But I am telling you that record labels aren’t going to take a chance on someone who can’t sing a lick, just because they have a pretty face.  But every once in a while, especially after a celebrity sings on a live television show, we are provided horrific “real” vocals.  Everyone from Beyonce to Britney Spears to Justin Bieber have all been a victim of bad vocals!

What hoaxes do you recall?


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