You know, you can watch something and then you can WATCH something.  I think you may have missed these moments, but luckily I didn’t.

Here are the 5 moments I thought were the funniest at today’s inauguration!

5) Katy Perry tweeting a random pic of a tiny Aretha Franklin hat. You know, that same one that Aretha wore during the 2009 Inauguration?

And yes, like everyone else, I photoshopped Aretha’s hat onto my head back in 2009.  It was the thing to do!

aretha hat

4) George Stephanopoulos confusing NBA legend Bill Russell with Morgan Freeman, He thinks. He thought right.  Oops.  That moment when someone corrected him probably made his stomach turn.  Really though, do your research as to who is going to be there and where they are sitting.  There has to be a list of that sort at an event that big!  He did apologize by the way, but apparently that did not flag Fox News, they made the same mistake. *Facepalm*

3) Why did Joe Biden have such a sourpuss look on his face while Beyonce was singing.  Her voice is like that of an angel, that should make you want to smile, plus it was the National Anthem! America!! Maybe he just has the same face whether his is happy or angry. A game face if you will.  Or maybe that was his happy face and it just came across as grumpy.  No need to fret, at the end of the anthem, he cracked a smile.

2) Bill Clinton checking out Kelly Clarkson, photobomb of the year. So far. Click here to see the picture!

1) Sasha caught yawning during her dad’s speech!  Poor kid, she will never live that down.  In her defense, she was probably up early that day, she was probably out late the night before at the kid’s party they had, plus it was very cold.  Not a good combo if you’re trying to compose yourself. We know she wasn’t bored by what her dad had to say, but it’s always funny when it looks that way!


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