If the frigid temps are making you go stir crazy at home, we have 50 ideas for things to do to make your temporary hibernation a little more fun. There are great ideas for being stuck inside with your kids or being home alone!

1. Bake cookies
2. Play a board game
3. Build a blanket fort
4. Go through your boxes of photos
5. Clean out your fridge
6. Re-arrange your cupboards
7. Switch up your home decorations
8. Have a movie marathon
9. Make dinner together as a family
10. Have an indoor Olympics
11. Watch home movies
12. Read a good book
13. Do a craft
14. Make something in the crock pot
15. Do a work out video
16. Color – adult coloring books are all the rage now!
17. Play cards
18. Play hide and seek
19. Play flashlight tag
20. Have a scavenger hunt
21. Break out the knitting/sewing/crocheting you’ve been putting off
22. Write a letter to a friend (or a Facebook message)
23. Take a bubble bath
24. Update your address book
25. Make a “campsite” inside
26. Have an indoor picnic
27. Give yourself a facial
28. Drink some tea
29. Do yoga
30. Put on a good album and dance around the house

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31. Catch up on the news
32. Deep clean your house
33. Give yourself a skin scrub
34. Research new recipes
35. Binge-watch a new (to you!) TV series on Netflix
36. Read the paper
37. Play a video or computer game
38. Make ice cream sundaes
39. Do indoor hopscotch
40. Go through your closet and put aside clothes for donation
41. Shoot a video on your phone
42. Give your pet some extra attention
43. Do a crossword puzzle or sudoku
44. Call someone and catch up over the phone
45. Warm up with a bowl of soup

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46. Put together a puzzle
47. Test your knowledge with brain teasers at a site like Sporcle.com
48. Clean out your phone and update your software – get rid of unwanted photos, apps and contacts
49. Online shop
50. Listen to Q104 – you might even win something!

Now it’s YOUR turn – what activities are your secret to staying entertained while you’re stuck indoors?


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