Melissa Anthony, Mom of three and Official My Social Sitter Brand Ambassador said it plainly on her blog:
Thomas T.J. Lane, the school shooter in Ohio in 2012, ranted on Facebook only two months prior to shooting his classmates at high school. Using My Social Sitter, lives could’ve been saved.

So… what is My Social Sitter and why do we need it?

According to,

My Social Sitter, a patented, real-time social media filter created to facilitate responsible social media communication.

A message is sent through multilayers of the My Social Sitter algorithms. Instantly, the message is either appropriate or inappropriate based on your custom settings, and our filters including slang and sentiment in six languages.

If appropriate, it is immediately posted.

If an outbound message violates your settings, you have the opportunity to edit the original message and resend.

This filter literally takes a load off of parents.  It monitors what your kids are sending through social media, blocks the message if it’s inappropriate, and AWARDS the user if they change the message to something appropriate.

Seriously, like, it awards your kids with gift cards.  So, not only is ‘My Social Sitter’ using positive reinforcement to reward good behavior, it gives your kid money (gift cards) that isn’t yours to spend on stuff.



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