Valentine’s Day isn’t just the season for lovin’ it’s the season for dumpin’.

According to Facebook V-Day is prime dumping time.

Here is a list of dudes most likely to dump you on or around V-day.

We’ll go 10 to 1.

10. Zack’s with a ‘k’.  Zach’s with an ‘h’ you’re okay.

9.  Tucker.  It’s a dog name for a reason.

8.  Derek. Nobody like’s a Derek.

7.  Brad.  Just go by Bradley, like Bradley Cooper.

6.  Ian.  Ian’s just bother people.

5.  Skyler.  No woman can take a ‘Skyler’ seriously.

4.  Tyler.  See above.

3.  Todd.

2.  Shawn, but only Shawn. Not Sean or Seán or Shaun, they’re mostly fine.

1.  Chad.  If you need to know why, you’re probably named Chad.

*The above was determined from reddit users


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