If you’ve been watching ‘This Is Us’, it’s no secret that Jack dies… eventually… because he’s not in the Big 3’s life now, as adults.

Rumors started swirling a few weeks ago that Jack may have died in a 9/11 plane crash because at one point little Kevin is shown smashing his toy planes, and Kate is a nervous flyer.

Anyway, some new theories have surfaced.

There are car crash theories.  “I think some sort of accident but I also think Kate was there, which makes me believe it was a car crash. She survived and he didn’t. She feels tremendous guilt over it and can’t forgive herself for surviving.”

There are illness theories.  “He died from lung cancer from inhaling sawdust, asbestos, etc. from his construction sites.”


“Seems like Jack is losing his memory. He forgot to kiss Rebecca. Forgot to tell her about the deal he was closing. He forgot Kevin’s football number, and he forgot they didn’t eat dinner.”

There are house fire theories.  “There’s a fire at their house. It might be because Kate was baking something and it caught fire, and Jack dies saving Kate. That’s why she has the urn and seems most affected by Jack’s death, and also kind of distant with Rebecca. Not that Rebecca would directly blame her, but maybe Kate was feeling guilty and she distanced herself from Rebecca and Randall, and got closer with Kevin.”

There are accident theories.  “I believe that he dies from a simple, but dramatic, accident from working on the family home or while on the job (possibly falling off the roof). I have this feeling mostly from the episode from when Randall goes on his “trip” and speaks to his dad while Jack works on the cabin.”

And, of course, more plane crash theories.

What do YOU think happened to Jack?


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