By Paul Laux

Almost to the end of the week, so for Friday junior, let’s start it feeling good.  Which is pretty easy to do when someone leaves you a massive tip.

That’s what happened for server Cayla Chandara as she was waiting on an Australian couple vacationing in Hawaii.

Like most, Cayla has student loans so deep, it can be hard to get out of.  Hers so high, she actually had to drop out of school until she could save more money.

However, while waiting on couple who remains anonymous, they hit it off and she told them her story, which led to a $400 tip.  Taken back by their generosity, she went to thank them at their hotel, which was when they informed her they would like to pay off her $10k student loan bills so she could return to school.

waikiki restaurant large tip Couple Offers To Pay Servers Student Loans

Cayla plans to return to school to study liberal arts and business.


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