By Aly Tanner

Aubrey and I are engaged to be married, and there a few things we’ve surprisingly agreed on while planning our wedding.

1- We both would rather have a live band at the reception, over a DJ.
2- Neither of us want a wedding cake.  We want donuts!

Honestly, it felt a little weird nixing these otherwise “traditional” wedding staples.  But, we’re pretty non-traditional as it is, so we’re gonna do it.

Here’s a list I found of alt-cake for people who just don’t want it, like Aubrey and I!

Pizza – With all the carbs and protein in it, pizza makes a better snack when you’re drinking and dancing the night away.

Cereal and Milk – It’s not for everyone, but it was good enough for actress Margot Robbie, who set up a self-serve table of Cocoa Puffs and milk at her nuptials. You could get fancy with it and add mix-ins like nuts, sprinkles, and sliced bananas, of course.

Ranch dressing – It’s white and tiered, but it’s not a cake, it’s a ranch dressing fountain. And guests can dip all kinds of things in it, from carrot sticks to chicken wings.

Donuts – People love donuts and wedding guests love a delicious donut wall displaying all the tasty treats to choose from.

Cotton candy – This confection will take you back to childhood. And while cotton candy might not be classy enough for all weddings, it sure is fun.

Waffles – Brides and grooms are serving up towers of waffles and all the toppings to go with them, to the delight of wedding guests. And they’re perfect if your party goes on until the wee hours.

Cheese – For couples not into sweets, the very European cheese-as-dessert option is perfect.

Burgers – Why serve dessert when you could make it post-dinner burgers instead? It’s not traditional, but it’s meat, and that makes people happy.


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