This is what teams base their picks off, right?

Whether you have plans with your friends or significant other this weekend, chances are the NFL Draft is going to be a topic of conversation, or worse, what’s on TV.

Lucky for us ladies who don’t necessarily *love* football, there’s something so satisfying about men crying when they’re picked while dressed to the absolute nines (bonus points if they hug their moms).

So please, enjoy this list of the Hotties of the 2017 NFL Draft and get to know the guys you’ll be hearing about nonstop for the next five months.

Mitch Trubisky – University of North Carolina
Chances are, if you live in Cleveland, you’ve heard this hunk’s name quite a bit — he did grow up in Mentor after all. Anyone know the bars he frequents? Asking for a friend…

Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.

A post shared by Mitchell Trubisky (@mtrubisky10) on

Myles Garrett – Texas A&M
He plays football and um wait, what were we saying? #distractedbymuscles

Malik Hooker – Ohio State
Speaking of being dressed to the nines, Hooker’s fashion is always on point and is it just us or does that dreamy smile complete every ensemble?

Last Night I Forgot To Pray For The Things That I Got Today🤑🤑 #RIPVIC #RIPLONT

A post shared by Malik Hooker (@malikhooker24) on

Jonathan Allen – Alabama
Clearly rocks a hard shell on the field but is a true softy off it. Allen recently popped the question to his girlfriend proving to us that yes, the hottest and toughest guys can be super romantic.

Look who I found at the happiest place on earth @iam_hanfran #disneyworld

A post shared by Jonathan Allen (@jonallen95) on

Christian McCaffrey – Stanford University
Forget football stats, this dreamboat has it all. The teeth, the jawline, the eyes. That’s what teams base their picks off, right?

Excited to officially join the @usnikefootball team! #JustDoIt

A post shared by Christian McCaffrey (@run__cmc) on

Solomon Thomas – Stanford University
Ah, a family man with biceps for days. What’s up with all these babes comin’ from Stanford? Is there something in the water out there?

Separate your mentality😈 #campishere🏈 #RIPHarambe

A post shared by Solomon Thomas (@sollythomas90) on

O. J. Howard – Alabama
Gives a whole new meaning to the position of “tight end,” if ya know what we’re sayin’.

Who would you add to this list? If you’re not sure, we’ll ask you again when the season starts (cough football pants cough).


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