By Aly Tanner

Hey guys, it’s Aly!

My friend Jen Picciano from Cleveland 19 News came to our house recently to chat with Aubrey about her Instagram “fame.”

Now, Aubrey and I both shudder at the idea that either of us would be considered “famous” in our respective lines of work, but what she has fallen into is very unique.

Aubrey had gastric bypass surgery 2 & 1/2 years ago.  After the surgery, she created an Instagram handle (@aubreystrawb_rny) so she could post food she was eating and workouts she was doing to keep herself accountable.

I never started this page wanting to inspire others or promote myself. I was 23, weighing in at 353lbs, and wanting a safe space to share my journey. I didn't want to be that drastically overweight girl tagging herself in at the gym, and having people in my daily life inserting an eyeroll emoji, because I truly believe we alllllll know people like that. I wanted a place to share my progress after gastric bypass, to see recipes, find a support system. I wanted a place where I felt like people believed in me, that I wasn't just another fat girl who could never lose the weight, I needed a space to prove I was going to do this. I wanted to be held accountable, to be supported and uplifted, & that's truly what I've found here with this community on Instagram! People ask me what my biggest secret to success is, and I have to say, it's this page. It's the feeling of accountability I get when posting meals, gym time, daily struggles, fashion after weight loss, just my LIFE. It's checking in with you all, who have become like friends & family! This page has been my live diary for the last 3 years of my life, & I just can't imagine being here without you guys! So if you've been here since day 1, or today, THANK YOU. Thank you for all the love & support, I truly wouldn't have made it this far without ya! ❤

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More important to her, so she wasn’t annoying people in her “real life” with food and workout posts.

Fast forward 2 & 1/2 years, her Instagram following has grown to over 90,000 people, and companies are coming at her for time on her page.

Jen described this to us as Aubrey being a “micro-influencer.”  What that means is, while Aubrey doesn’t have the power of Kylie Jenner, to her audience, including companies who want to be seen on her page, she is Kylie Jenner.

(Needless to say, our lives have changed a lot in a short 2 & 1/2 years!)

ICYMI – Aubrey sat down with Jen yesterday for a Facebook LIVE interview.  Watch it below:

Tonight, make sure you’re watching Cleveland 19 News at 11:00pm for the full story of how all of this unfolded so quickly for Aubrey.

Til then, give her a follow on Instagram!


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