By Aly Tanner

More often than not, it’s the small (but very crucial) missed details and not planning for the unexpected that can ruin the big day.

When we think about past weddings we’ve attended that could’ve been improved, it’s not the place settings or the centerpieces that we wish were nicer — it’s simple things like parking and food and booze.

So, before you freak out over the decor, consider aspects that your guests would most appreciate or not appreciate.

Here are 13 of the worst wedding faux pas to avoid:

1 Having a cash bar.

Hosting an open bar serves similarly as a thank-you to your guests for attending. But if you do choose to have a cash bar instead, make sure you disclose that information on your invitations so it doesn’t come as a surprise.

2 Not having a backup venue.

You never know what the weather will end up being on your wedding day! Secure a large enough indoor-outdoor venue in case the party has to move inside, or keep a supply of blankets, umbrellas, or fans just in case.

3 Getting off schedule.

Of course your festivities won’t always follow exactly to the hour, but it’s important to keep things on track as possible. Don’t begin your ceremony earlier than stated and don’t make your guests wait hours before arriving

4 Running out of food.

There’s nothing worse than a hungry guest. Make sure you plan for more instead of less, and if you don’t plan on serving a full menu, let your guests know beforehand to expect only cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Even though individual plates are pricey, order a couple extra in case someone ends up bringing a plus one they didn’t RSVP for (which is a different kind of faux pas!).

5 Allowing open seating.

More couples are shying away from assigned guest seating charts to encourage interaction among groups, but it can stressful for guests. They might end up being more uncomfortable sitting next to strangers than a familiar face and arrival could be slightly chaotic.

6 Not having enough parking.

When securing a venue, keep abundant parking in mind. If it’s inevitably going to be an issue, inform your guests of parking alternatives or advise them to arrive earlier to find a spot. You don’t want to have a half-filled ceremony because everyone’s late looking for where to park.

7 Playing only one kind of music.

Unless you’re sure each and every one of your guests shares the same taste in music, make sure your DJ or band can play a variety of tunes. Not everyone feels comfortable dancing at weddings to begin with, and you don’t want to limit that number to those only who like a specific genre.

8 Forgetting about wedding favors.

A small token of appreciation is typically expected and it’s courteous to your guests. Thank them for sharing such a special day with you, even if they’re just homemade goodies. It’s really the thought that counts. Click here for wedding favor ideas your guests will actually use

9 Not having enough bathrooms.

Bathrooms are probably the last thing on your mind when wedding planning, but it’s one of the most important things to consider. Check if your venue has plenty of restrooms for your guests and that they’re maintained frequently during the event. Clogged toilets and lack of toilet paper are never fun.

10 Taking too long taking photos.

After your ceremony, be mindful of your guests waiting at the reception and don’t take longer than necessary to take your photos. Sort the details out with your photographer beforehand so that everyone in your wedding party is present and ready.

11 Not considering dietary restrictions.

Have a checkbox on your RSVP cards for your guests to note any food allergies or dietary restrictions. You don’t want any guest to have to sit out dinner because you forgot to ask.

12 Celebrating all week long just because.

Indian weddings can last from three days to a week, which is completely fine! When it comes to cultural and religious celebrations, party as long as you want — by all means. But if you’re choosing to extend your special day to a special week just because you don’t want it to end, just be considerate of your guests. Not everyone will be able to take that much time off or they’ll feel obligated to attend when they have other responsibilities.

13 Allowing too many toasts.

Limit the number of given speeches as well as the time. Your guests will start to get bored when the first hour of your reception is dedicated to toasts. Keep it down to immediate family members and close friends who are part of your wedding party.


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