By Aly Tanner

Bottom line: a penguin named Grape who lives at Tobu Zoo in Miyashiro, Japan, was dumped by is girlfriend, Midori.  Now, Grape has found love in the form of a cardboard cutout.

Grape and Midori came to the zoo a decade ago as a pair.  She eventually left Grape for a younger penguin.  What’s super awkward is – Grape and Midori still live in the same enclosure.  Poor Grape.


So – what about this cardboard cutout?

The image of Hululu – a character in Kemono Friends designed to look like a penguin – was placed inside the enclosure, and Grape became enamored with it.

No one can confirm for sure Grape’s feelings about the cutout, but he goes to the same spot and stares at it a lot.

Recently, he posed for a photo with the human that voices this anime character.  So, it seems like things are pretty serious.

We’re rooting for you, Grape!


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