By Aly Tanner

Anyone who’s worked in an office has had to deal with that person who loves to throw around soundbites and clichéd sayings to try and get folks motivated for work.

Of course, the constant use of such office jargon can have the exact opposite effect and some sayings are more annoying than others.

A new UK poll, which could easily translate here, asked folks which phrases and soundbites annoy them the most in the office and we’re betting some of them aren’t at all surprising.

Common terms making the list include “win-win,” “back to the drawing board,” “ASAP,” “no ‘I’ in team,” “on the same page,” and “bottom line,” but believe it or not, those terms didn’t even make the Top Ten.

Here Are The Top 10 Most Annoying Office Jargon Terms

1- Blue-sky thinking
2- Idea shower
3- To “action” a project
4- Going forward
5- Brainstorm
6- Getting the ball rolling
7- Drill down
8- Out of the loop
9- Thinking outside the box
10- Touch base

What office jargon do you hate hearing the most?  Are you guilty of using too much clichéd office jargon?


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