By Aly Tanner


Just as Piper Chapman once was the new woman in lockup, now Piper Snackman is the new girl at school — and she is just in time to have a snack.

Welcome to the wonderfully wacky world of “Orange Is the New Snack,” a kid-friendly takeoff on Netflix’s prison drama courtesy of HBO’s Sesame Street.

Seems that here in prison school,  a cookie is the snack of choice.  But young Piper has a healthier option in her lunchbox.

Can she persuade her fellow inmates classmates, including Googly Eyes, to make oranges the new snack? Without being billyclubbed by the lunch lady?  OK, that last part was added for dramatic effect.  No Muppets were harmed in the making of the spoof-with-a-lesson.  We assume.

They are, however, threatened with a time-out in the Shoe by Mr. Moustache. And Snack Monitor Red is not happy.

WATCH “Orange Is The New Snack” below:


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