By Jeremiah

Jeremiah spoke with McMahon last time he was in town and got the inside scoop on how much being the opening acts means to him. Check out the exclusive interview above!

Andrew McMahon: I have the distinct honor of opening for Billy Joel. 

Jeremiah: Tell me about getting that phone call, please.

AM: Well what’s crazy is I was actually – I just finished like – we finished renovating my house, so I put in this cool like record player nook in there and I’ve been playing my daughter a bunch of records. And there was this moment I was like, ‘Gosh, I need to pull out like my old Billy Joel records’ you know.

J: Serendipity!

AM: I just wanted to start getting Cecilia familiar, and it had been years, because I burned those records out so much. So I had his greatest hits, and I was playing them, we had like a dance party her and I listening to his entire Greatest Hits catalog.

And it was two days later that I got a phone call from my agent, where he was like ‘What would you think about opening up for Billy Joel?’ I was like ‘What do you mean what would I think? Yes. Yes. Like I hope you didn’t tell him we’re thinking about it or something!’

You know and and yeah it was I mean he was literally and very honestly my first musical idol. My first musical hero. I mean other than like Michael Jackson when I was like five. When I started playing piano (and) writing music it was Billy Joel. And my first concert was in Cleveland seeing Billy Joel when I was ten. You know that was the first time I saw live music. Blew my mind. So this is big for me.

J: That’s huge.


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