The countdown to Lady Gaga’s Cleveland pit stop is coming close, but we can’t help but recall all of Gaga’s sheer impact over the last decade.

CONCERT DETAILS: Lady Gaga at the Q – August 23, 2017

Check out the list below and recap some of the best pop performances ever!

10. “Bad Romance” / “Speechless” at the 2009 AMAs

Honestly, this performance makes the list mainly because she beats up that poor glass box for one of the best piano ballad performances ever! Of course, you can’t help but sing along to the ‘Rah Rah’ opening of Bad Romance either!

9. Lady Gaga – Superbowl National Anthem Performance (2016)

I can’t even remember who did the halftime show that year, but I do remember this performance. Talk about epic, serving us those vocals while doing almost nothing to garner our complete attention!

8. “You and I” at the 2011 VMAs

The year was 2011. Everyone and their mother was planning on dressing similar to the stylings of Lady Gaga. All except for Gaga herself, who opened the show in her male alter-ego Jo. Not only did she kill a monologue, but she killed her country-jam “You and I” with a Brian May feature that even had Dave Grohl in love.

7. “Do What U Want” with Christina Aguilera on the Voice

Perhaps her most underrated radio jam, “Do What U Want” is the electro-R&B song that got away. But in this post-Christmas appearence, Gaga teamed up with another pop force to serve a duet which blew the original R. Kelly feature away. Serve us some of that ABBA Super Trouper goodness!

6. “Applause” at the 2013 VMAs

Name a singer who’d be willing to voice-track boos into the background while having a ga-zillion costume changes in one song. Here’s the answer in this 2013 VMAs performance which features the hottest Gaga ever: Venus seashell bikini Gaga.

5. Lady Gaga / Pepsi’s Halftime Performance (2017)

We all know about this 6-time nominated Emmy, critical acclaimed halftime show from earlier this year, right?

4. Born This Way at the 2011 Grammys 

Back in 2011 and at her most influential on the charts, Gaga released the pro-diversity anthem “Born This Way”. The track topped the charts for six weeks but came along with one of her most notable performances: the egg-hatching, latex, organ feature of the glamorous electro-pop feel-good track.

3. Lady Gaga – Brit Awards 2010

An acoustic level performance of Telephone plus an experimental performance of Dance In The Dark with no one but herself … talk about intense. The performance, given in tribute to the suicide of Alexander McQueen, sent Telephone to #1 in the UK.

2. “Sound of Music Meledy” at the 2015 Oscar Awards

This performance was the one which solidifed Gaga’s vocal ability as well as her ability to be loved by older generations. Her rendition of the classic Sound of Music soundtrack is breathtaking, and for those who didn’t know she could sing so well, shocking!

1. “Paparazzi” at the 2009 VMAs

After the smash success of “Just Dance” and “Poker Face” (and the decent success of “LoveGame”, another forgotten jam), Paparazzi was the end of Gaga’s ‘Fame’ era. She was preparing to embark into Bad Romance territory in two months time, but before that came the best performance of her live: the theatrics, the vocals, the visuals, the themes — nothing tops this masterpiece.

Bonus: Here’s Fill-in Producer Matt’s Favorites:

A) “ARTPOP” Live on the Tonight Show (2014)

B) “Venus / Do What U Want” Live on the UK X Factor (2013)

C) “The Edge of Glory” on Germany’s Next Top Model Finale (2011)



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