By Aly Tanner

It seems like everything comes in Millennial Pink these days, and now your chocolate can too.

Yes, pink chocolate is a real thing now – it officially became the fourth type of chocolate now that the Swiss chocolate company Barry Callebaut revealed the “Ruby” chocolate they invented at an event in China.

The reddish-pink color of Ruby chocolate comes from the Ruby cocoa bean and according to a press release, it has a faint, naturally-occurring taste that “is not bitter, milky, or sweet, but a tension between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness.”

The company’s dessert chef Martin Diez describes it as “a mix between the fruitiness, sourness and berry taste.”

But the pink chocolate makers confirm there is no coloring, berries, or flavor added to the Ruby variety, despite how it looks and tastes.

So it’s natural, it’s pink, and it’s chocolate?! We’re all for it!

Now, we just have to wait for it to make its way to stores, and there’s no hard date on that yet.


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