brb,.. gotta go unload the dishwasher

~~~ iF wE WrOtE tHiS eNtIrE pOsT LyK DiS, iT wOuLd PrObZ dRiVe YoU **CrAzY** bUt iT wOuLd dEff bRiNg BaKK sOme MemZ, RiiiTe? ~~~

Yikes, my head hurts already.

Anyways, millenials, it’s the end of an era. On December 15th, we say goodbye to our beloved AOL Instant Messenger.

AIM gave life to the art of instant messaging back in 1997 and held strong for as long as it could. It may come as a surprise to you but AIM is still used pretty often and yes, they even have an app.

However, come the holiday season, our little yellow buddy icon will retire and will soon become just a distant memory.

It’s sad saying goodbye to such a trusted friend. However, today there are SO many other ways to communicate with friends and colleagues that, well, AIM is no longer needed.

Here’s the announcement from AIM’s Twitter account (ironic, don’t ya think?)

For more information, click here.


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