By Aly Tanner

Wrapping presents is the worst.  I understand for some people, wrapping presents is cathartic.  Like painting walls – I do not understand the people who find painting relaxing.  You folks are strange.

Anyway… here’s how to tell if you’re the worst at wrapping gifts:

-People often throw your gift out because they just thought it was an already opened gift.

-You still ask your Mom to do it.

-You always use a gift bag, no matter if the gift bag is way too big or way too small.

-Your kids know instantly it’s your wrapping job and not Santa’s.

-You used “happy birthday” wrapping paper instead of Christmas wrapping paper.

-Your friends actually tell you not to bother wrapping whatever you’re getting them.

-You only buy gifts at places where they do the wrapping for you.

-When giving a gift to someone they comment that it was “cute you let your kids do your wrapping”.

-Once, you used so much tape that the person you gave the gift to couldn’t open it for at least 4 minutes.

-You paid your babysitter not to watch your kids, but just to wrap all the presents.

-If there were a class on how to wrap gifts, you’d take it.

-Because of your lack of wrapping skills, you’ve settled on only buying gift cards for everybody from now on.


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