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Apple has finally published a letter regarding the problem regarding its series of older iPhones which were slowed down in order to slow down the degrade of the phone’s batteries.

“We know that some of you feel Apple has let you down. We apologize.” Apple cuts right to the chase in their letter.

Apple will be offering $29 battery replacements starting in late January through December 2018, a $50 discount from the normal battery replacement cost. More information about the health, longevity and problems of the battery will be included in the next major iOS update.

Apple hopes to be more transparent with its consumers, and hopefully so. This is a company that a decade ago said that most users would never have to replace the battery on their devices.

While it’s been a social myth that Apple slows down old phones to drive new sales, it appears like it was actually true all along. It’s just a shame that Apple didn’t come forward until they were forced to.

And don’t take Apple’s apology for total face value: they still stand by that they preferred to focus on a phone’s ‘performance’ rather then the battery.

Press and the public are not happy with Apple, who faces a crisis similar to Chipolte and Wal-Mart. Only time will tell how the public view Apple and how the company responds to this major problem.


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