Seriously, this weather is really cramping my style. Even if I do have plans to do something, by the time I get home after work, the below-freezing temperatures make it extremely difficult to want to leave my house. When it comes to date night, it seems as if I’m always struggling to think of the most romantic ideas that involve staying where it’s warm.

If you find yourself dealing with the same thing this time of year, hopefully this list of ideas helps.

Build a fort in your living room.

I’m not sure I even need to convince you to try this out because, if you’re anything like me, it’s been on your Dating Bucket List since you were a kid. Round-up all your pillows, blankets, bookshelves and chairs (I’ve never actually done this before, can you tell) and make a fort that you and your partner (and hopefully a pet or two) can climb into. Bonus points if you leave room for a TV.

Pick an actor/actress and binge-watch all their movies.

Lately I’ve been on a Julia Roberts kick so I’ve decided to go through and watch a handful of her movies (My Best Friend’s Wedding? SO underrated). Whether it’s an old favorite, someone you’re not familiar with, or your celebrity crush, watching a variety of movies showing the duration of somebody’s career is so very entertaining.

Expand your palette and have an Official Wine Tasting.

Well, as official as it gets. Instead of heading to the grocery store and picking out the cheapest bottle with the highest alcohol content (guilty), do some research first. Sure, you can still skew cheap, but try and pick out wines that pair well with your favorite snacks. You’ll learn new things and will even appear smart next time you have to bring wine to a party!

Dig out your favorite board games from childhood.

Have you played games like Sorry! or Boggle lately? They’re just as fun now as they were back then — maybe even more so.

Put your cooking skills to work.

Or learn them, whatever suits your style. Head to the grocery store together to pick out the ingredients then spend time in the kitchen chopping, sauteing, marinading and whatever else the recipe requires. After all is said and done, you’ll be able to enjoy a great home-cooked meal and, who knows, maybe even a new hobby. Rock, paper, scissors to see who does the dishes.


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