'It' Made Into A Family Movie In This Re-Made Spoof TrailerWhat on earth is going on with these YouTube videos?
Read The Dumbest Amazon Reviews Of All TimeBy the way, if you're buying a machine that prints FAKE MONEY...don't expect that money to actually work...
The King Of Awkward Has Returned To YouTubeHis name is Andrew Hales (LAHWF on YouTube), and for a while, he abandoned his bread and butter to make more meaningful things, which were great!
The Best Cleveland Indians Fan "Hype" Video EverWe are all looking for that ideal hype video/song, and sometimes, the classics are everything we need.
Never Doubt A Stranger's TalentsThese strangers joined a local musician who was playing his guitar on the sidewalk and added some vocals.
The Worst Driver In The WorldDon't ever let this guy drive you.
This Might Be The Worst Choir EverPlease, if you're in a choir, never sing anything that's not in your range. See the video to cringe.
Man Apparently Mails Himself Across The OceanThere are a lot of questions as to if he actually did this, since he was just in a wood crate, but it's fun to watch regardless.
Guy Films Himself Getting FiredSo uncomfortable, but yet so interesting to watch.
The Invention Of Dubstep - Thanks To One ManDubstep - A history.
Man Vows To Smear Ryan Reynolds With Food Every DayJust recently, a man has decided that he is going to smear food on a photo of Ryan Reynolds every day until Reynolds does that to a picture of him.
Please Stop Texting Jimmy Butler57 missed calls is really too much.

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