YouTube Is Pulling All "Tide Pod Challenge" VideosMany uploads show people coughing and foaming at the mouth after swallowing pods.
Facebook Making Changes To Make It A Nicer PlaceFacebook will simply change filters so that you see more post from friends like "Hey who's free tonight?," and less from companies, articles, and other stuff.
Facebook Unveils New 'Messenger Kids' AppThe app allows young users to chat with their friends, make video calls with kid-friendly filters and send age-appropriate GIFs.
You Can Now Order Food On FacebookFacebook has been quietly testing this for a while now, but now it's ready to go! Waiting for when you're hungry.
Here's Why That "10 Concerts" Facebook Post May Be DangerousMight wanna re-think that post, or delete the post you've already made.
Here's How To Block Political Posts On FacebookYou're welcome.
Californians Try To Pronounce Cities In Ohio - WATCH!gee AW guh
Get The World's Most Epic Selfie With This Selfie DroneThis is cool! Until it cuts your finger!
I'd Tell You To Click On This But If I Did You Probably Wouldn't See ItExpect a lot less junk articles!
Breastfeeding Mom Asked To Leave Movie (Not Why You Think)35 other people walked out with the mom!
OMG! Facebook Will Delete Your Photos If...There's a pretty easy fix!
Walking Dead Photo Shoot With Kids Is Causing ControversyGood or bad?

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