The Heart Will Go On (A Date With Jack And Rose)!You'll Never Want To Let Go. Titanic stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are auctioning themselves off for charity. The winner will get to go to a private dinner date with Jack and Rose -- I Mean Leo and Kate. The dinner date will take place sometime in October or November when both the Oscar winners have time in their busy schedules. If you win... you will also go to the New York City restaurant of your choice! 
If Kate Winslet Texted Leo DiCaprio Before The Oscars...They still haven't let go.
Fee's Sleaze Wednesday, June 5, 2013What A-list celebs are pregnant? Some of Kim Kardashian's relationship pain has finally been put at ease and Miley Cyrus' new single is causing controversy... Check it out in Fee's Sleaze!!
Fee's Sleaze November 26, 2012 Halle Berry wants to get a restraining order against her ex, Actor Larry Hagman has died, Justin Bieber received an award from the Prime Minister of Canada, Kate Winslet was honored by the Queen of England, Charlie Sheen wrote Lindsay Lohan a huge check to cover her debt.
Fee's Sleaze Ashton Kutcher As Steve Jobs. Kate Winslet Hates Titanic Theme Song. Octomom Getting Death Threats For Receiving Welfare.
The Nude Sketch Of Kate Winslet From "Titanic" Sold At An Auction For $16,000

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