The Most Searched For Beers And Breweries In Each StateAs for Ohio, surprisingly, the top search wasn't Great Lakes or any other local Northeast Ohio brewery!
*LIST* The Favorite Thanksgiving Food In Each StateSome of the food items on this list may be a bit surprising.
Minimum Wage Increasing In Ohio To $8.30Though there are some exceptions to this, like companies who have gross totals of less than $305,000, and also workers who are 14 or 15 years old.
Ohio Might Be The Worst State To Trick-Or-Treat InApparently, Ohio might not be the best place to get free candy. According to a study, candy purchases per person in Ohio was just $11.22, easily taking the bottom seat in the contest.
These Vanity Plates Are A No-Go In OhioAt least make it understandable, because some of these vanity plates we can't use literally make no sense.
Can't Spell "Banana"? You Might Be From OhioDo we NOT know the lyrics to that Fergie song?!
Ohio Man Turns In $14,000 He Found On RoadIn a Columbus suburb, a man set a good example by finding money and returning it!
Californians Try To Pronounce Cities In Ohio - WATCH!gee AW guh
(Ohio's Finest) Solon Man Arrested For Hiding Lobsters In His PantsOne word...OUCH!
Ohioans Hate These Things About ClevelandWho knew??
Ohio Walmart Employee Bitten By Monkey In Parking Lot - VIDEOThe people in the car are STUNNED by what they see!
HEARTBREAKING! Boy In Ohio Tries Selling Teddy Bear For FoodHe lived in awful conditions...

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