Browns 0-16 parade

Credit USA Today Images

The Browns Fall To 0-16 - Here Are The Parade Details

January 2, 2018

The Browns really did it!  Whether you're excited or not, going 0-16 in the NFL is actually quite the feat, even for horrible teams.

So why not celebrate? Honestly, what else is there to do? Here are the details, in all their glory from the organizer himself - Chris McNeil. Next Saturday, January 6th at high noon there will be a parade around First Energy Stadium. “What you can expect, like any other parade. Vehicles, Browns themed vehicles. Buses, walkers,” McNeil explained.

Remember the guy with the "cemetery" of Browns quarter backs? He'll be there. “That guy and 27 of his buddies are going to carry the headstones in a procession. The creativity of Cleveland is also going to be on display,” McNeil joked. He claims there will also be vehicles, fans, walkers, and even messages for Brown's leadership - whatever that means. See you then!

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