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The Official 2018 Netflix Original Programming Power-Ranking

January 4, 2018

It’s no secret that there’s something about Netflix’s formula which works.

Dropping a whole season of a television show comes with both its benefits and consequences, the main consequence being that you have to wait a year for the next season! We prepped a list for the best Netflix original programming. (Note: due to the high amount of original programming, unfortunately no ‘new’ shows made the list. Shows that haven’t confirmed their next season weren’t included either (Here’s looking at you, Black Mirror!)

10. Marvel’s Daredevil (Season 3) – TBA I’m usually not into supehero movies, but Netflix manages to turn a superhero theme into a compelling drama with deep developed characters and super-constructed plots. Season two ended with such a bang that I’m ready to jump into a third season of the show. Unfortunately, it seems that the cross-universe of Daredevil with the other Marvel shows on Netflix might make the new season confusing

9. Grace & Frankie (Season 4) – January 19 Maybe this would be higher on our power-ranking if it wasn’t coming out so soon! I’ll probably start binge-watching the last season right after I write this article! Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin have excellent chemistry, the show is both hilarious and poignant and frankly, explores a demographic and experience that is nowhere else to be found in television (Unless you count the Golden Girls reruns)

8. Big Mouth (Season 2) – TBA This show is not for everyone. It’s crude, extremely descriptive, yet a perfect analysis at the contemporary (and timeless) problems of puberty and adolescence. It does hold a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but you do have to be able to handle a little rotten material to get through it! If you like animation along the lines of Family Guy and South Park, you’ll fit in with this show. The second season has a lot more awkward situations to carve into, especially with the juicy end to the first season.

7. A Series of Unfortunate Events (Season 2) – March 30 Neil Patrick Harris’ role as Count Olaf was unparalleled to any other antagonist of 2017. Eager, passionate, oddly charming and willing to do anything to meet his goals. The movie version of A Series of Unfortunate Events left something to be expired, perhaps failing to meet the kooky-weird humor of the dark comedic series or otherwise glazing over the extensive novels by Lemony Snicket. And if the second season pulls the same sensation of the first, it’s going to be an excellent time (and a family-friendly one too!).

6. Marvel’s Jessica Jones (Season 2) – March 8, 2018 Superheroes were never my thing, but Jessica Jones isn’t your typical superhero because she doesn’t want to be a superhero. Even though she winds up in situations where she has to be a superhero. Jessica’s character feels like she’s constantly sharing herself with the viewer all while making you feel like her walls are impossible to claim. The neo-noir detective of New York is hitting us pretty soon, the only problem is that Netflix is crossing all of their Marvel characters with The Defenders (and unfortunately that includes The Iron Fist, which was bashed by every single person on the internet).

5. Stranger Things (Season 3) – Fall 2018 Right now, Stranger Things is synonymous with America, sitting between apple pie and county fairs. Perhaps it’s only at #5 because a) we have a long time till the fall, b) we don’t have any ideas where season 3 is going to go and c) seriously, what’s going to happen next? Trust me, I’m excited about the next season, that’s why it did crack the top five of the power rankings! But I can’t help but wonder what new concept is going to conveniently throw itself onto the fray (not a slam, I promise I do love the show!)

4. Orange Is The New Black (Season 6) – Summer 2018 Now talk about a season that a) we don’t have any ideas where it’s going to go yet my mind is racing by the pure thought of it! After a quite innovative three-day stint of season 5, which echoed a lot of contemporary issues rolled into the comedic lens of a women’s prison, season 6 is no doubt not going to be as funny. Indeed, it’s probably going to be sad. But while the show’s strength may be its comedy, the show has a history of delivering in the character’s flashbacks. And if the characters end up in difficult positions in this season, we’ll get a chance to explore their pre-prison lives.

3. Bojack Horseman (season 5) – Fall 2018 Bojack Horseman has cemented itself within the history of animated television with its innovative concept. But beyond that is a comedy which balances such dark realism and reliability that it constantly leaves the viewer in awe. This show wouldn’t work outside the lens of an animated program because the characters already feel real. Yes, an animated character animal feels real. With season 4 ending with highs and some realizations, it’s no doubt looking that season 5 will either start off with upset, or flash-forward to happier times. Either way, Bojack and gang will deliver on the fresh puns, the situational jokes and plenty of ‘wow, I can’t even feel my heart right now’ moments. 

2.. Arrested Development (Season 5) – TBA THIS SHOW DESERVED BETTER FROM THE GET GO! Okay, now that my rant is over (for now), I am so excited for the new season of Arrested Development. The show originally debuted fresh in the earliest years of the 21st century to critical acclaim, now hosting a cult following and plenty of perfect gifs. While season four was slightly underwhelming, season 5 is bound to deliver considering the entire cast is able to film the show together unlike season 4. The power-house cast delivers punch-line after punch-line and the shows are entirely re-watchable because you're laughing so hard you miss the major.

1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Season 4) – Summer 2018 When I first heard of this show, I was slightly skeptical. A woman was forced into an underground bunker and lived there for years before suddenly being freed and decided to run off to New York City? The main thesis is a little…well, kooky. But boy does this show deliver. Ellie Kemper and Tituss Burgess play hilarious (and for the sake of Tituss, fabulous) characters trying to find themselves in the largest city in America. It comes with heartbreak, problems, sudden developments and failure. But throughout all of that comes comedy, character growth, and a show in constant evolution. I’m laughing right now thinking of Creator Tina Fey’s cameos, Jane Krakowski doing what she does best and the many beautiful little songs (including Titus’ recreation of Lemonade). This is definitely the show to watch out for on Netflix, and the first three seasons won’t disappoint.