Justin Timberlake Booked For Jimmy Fallon's Post-Super Bowl Show

January 10, 2018
Justin Timberlake is a busy busy man, and it's only going to get wilder. He's going to perform the halftime show at this year's Super Bowl, but then right after? The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, because he just doesn't quit. https://twitter.com/billboard/status/950816996706390017 The show will air live, unusual for the show, but so is running over to a set after your halftime performance. This will be Timberlake's third time performing at the Super Bowl, the first since the debacle with Janet Jackson. Justin will also being going on tour right after. He'll be in Cleveland on March 31st! Details on that show here. https://twitter.com/jtimberlake/status/950351914817921024