Are These Things Okay To Do In The Office?

January 17, 2018
Do any of your co-workers do stuff that annoys you on a daily basis? Here are ten questions from a recent Buzzfeed survey on office etiquette. 1. Is it okay to play music without headphones in?
  • 94% say it’s unacceptable. Only 6% of us are fine with it.
2. Is it okay to eat really smelly food at your desk, like tuna?
  • 63% say no. 37% say it’s your lunch, so eat whatever you want, and they’ll deal with the smell.
3. Is it okay to take your shoes off at your desk?
  • 56% say yes. 44% say no, never.
4. How about clipping your nails at your desk?
  • 93% say no. 7% say go for it.
5. Is it okay to occasionally make personal phone calls at work?
  • 51% say no. 49% say it’s fine, as long as it’s not all the time.
6. Should you mute your cell phone, so it doesn’t make noise all day when you get text messages?
  • 75% say mute it. 25% don’t care.
7. Is putting your feet up on your desk acceptable?
  • 82% say no, it’s unprofessional.
8. Is it ever okay to eat a coworker’s food from the office fridge?
  • 97% say NEVER. 3% say yes.
9. Is it okay to PASS GAS in the office?
  • 66% say hold it in or go somewhere else, like the bathroom. 34% say just let it rip.