Study Says You're Not Grown Until You Are 24

January 23, 2018
Are you still a kid at heart? A lot of people say that, but according to a new study, if you're under 25, you  might actually just be a kid. Why? Here's the official explanation according to researchers: “Earlier puberty has accelerated the onset of adolescence in nearly all populations, while understanding of continued growth has lifted its endpoint age well into the 20s. In parallel, delayed timing of role transitions, including completion of education, marriage, and parenthood, continue to shift popular perceptions of when adulthood begins. Arguably, the transition period from childhood to adulthood now occupies a greater portion of the life course than ever before at a time when unprecedented social forces, including marketing and digital media, are affecting health and well-being across these years. An expanded and more inclusive definition of adolescence is essential for developmentally appropriate framing of laws, social policies, and service systems.” Long story short, we're doing everything later in life; i.e. college, jobs, marriage, and even parenting. So good news, you're just a kid!