Kate Middleton Donating Her Hair To Charity

January 30, 2018
Sometimes, secrets are things are good - and this is definitely one of them! Kate Middleton, as we found out, has been donating her hair to charity - 7 inches in all! https://twitter.com/TheSun/status/957559378734919680 While her stylist Joey was working on her hair four months ago, she suddenly had the idea to donate her locks. “While Joey was snipping away the idea came to her of doing some good with it rather than throwing it away. She mentioned it to Joey, who thought it was a brilliant idea,” a royal source said. “It was sent using someone else's name, so that the trust didn't know it was from a royal source – they just thought it was from a female donor in the Kensington area. “It’s lovely to think somewhere a little girl is happily wearing a wig made from a real princess's hair. It's a very heartwarming thing for Kate to have done, and very thoughtful to use hair that would have otherwise just been thrown away.” Now THAT'S a cool secret. More here.