Legendary Cleveland Toy Shop To Close After 27 Years

January 30, 2018
"It's time," said owner Steve Presser of Big Fun in Coventry - a staple in the Cleveland Heights community for almost three decades. "It's been my adult life, I always wanted to put a smile on people's faces, but it's time. The market has changed, the impact of the internet on small business cannot be overstated. The new generation of shoppers are happy to stay home and shop." The announcement was made to staff at their holiday party, followed by their emotional Facebook post. https://www.facebook.com/BigFunToyStore/photos/a.287089322395.153521.112... What's next?  Who knows, but apparently Presser isn't done yet. "I've got some ideas. I'm like a goldfish, if I stop swimming I will die. I want to get back out there and deal with people. I'm a people person. When someone asks what do for a living, I say 'I make people happy' ... and I'm damn good at that. "But I just turned 60 and there comes a time in your life ... I've buried some friends and I've learned that life is precious and short. Closing Big Fun is the end of an era." More here.