Parma Looking To Add On To Cleveland Landmark

January 31, 2018
If you have lived in the city for the past couple of years, one thing that has popped up that is unique is the script "Cleveland" signs. Almost every day, you can see people taking pictures on the signs, leaning on them, and observing them next to the city. You can find three script Cleveland signs in Voinovich park behind the Rock Hall (pictured below), at Edgewater Park, and just outside of Tremont overlooking the Cuyahoga River and city. So why not have Parma signs? That's what one councilman in the city feels, and it isn't as wild of as an idea as you might think.   Parma City Council President Sean Brennan wants $15k for the project, and is now turning to the city for help. "My wife, kids and I love the script Cleveland signs and have family photos at all of them," said Brennan in a prepared statement. The goal is to attract even more people to one of the biggest suburbs in the state. More here.