Women React To The Idea Of "Lady-Friendly" Doritos

February 6, 2018
Doritos was reportedly going to launch a new “lady-friendly” version of the snack Doritos, which were supposed to be quieter to eat and a lot less messy. PepsiCo — which owns Doritos — claims research has found women do not like to crunch loudly or lick their fingers when eating in front of others. [embed]https://twitter.com/mozarellaastick/status/960744932825735168[/embed] CEO Indra Nooyi told Freakonomics Radio: “Although women would love to crunch crisps loudly, lick their fingers and pour crumbs from the bag into their mouth afterwards, they prefer not to do this in public." However, women’s activists have slammed the move as a tired gender stereotype. [embed]https://twitter.com/maddyyweeks/status/960856406155976704[/embed] A spokesman from the Women’s Equality Party said: “No doubt some male consumers will welcome the chance to have a bigger package. But the idea of shrinking products for women, no doubt for the same price, is as old as the Ad Men making these decisions.” Here's some more epic reactions of the women of the internet: [embed]https://twitter.com/TinaDaheley/status/960776245364645888[/embed] [embed]https://twitter.com/Insatiabitch/status/960861323922984960[/embed] [embed]https://twitter.com/uhhmmily/status/960640246860873728[/embed] [embed]https://twitter.com/margo_go_go_/status/960731983763648518[/embed] Related: HERE ARE THE 21 WORST PRODUCT FLOPS OF ALL TIME