Medical Test For True Love Could Be Available By 2028

February 14, 2018
A medical test to detect 'true love' may be available by 2028. The painless test will work by detecting the presence of potent 'love' chemicals in the brain using an MRI-type scanner. While most people will use the test for 'fun,' others will use them to avoid marrying the wrong person or finding out if their relationship is worth the hassle, says California-based neuroscientist Dr. Fred Nour. The test will detect chemicals, called nonapeptides, that are only produced in significant quantities when a person is truly in love. At present, the procedure for measuring nonapeptides in the brain can be done only in laboratory animals. But, advances in medical technology means a brain test could become a reality by 2028. Such a scanner could not be duped and would boast an accuracy rate up to 99%.