Alec Benjamin On Why He Wore An Odell Beckham T-Shirt, And How He Met John Mayer

Meeting your heroes is actually really cool, according to Alec!

June 10, 2019

Alec Benjamin was very generous with his time on Saturday, stopping by the Q Lounge powered by Perrino Furniture at LaureLive!

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Jeremiah just had to ask Alec about his wardrobe, from his bracelet, to his Air Force Ones, and of course his Odell Beckham Jr. t-shirt, that was a great last minute purchase.

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The fun came when The Jeremiah Show played "Alec Auto-Complete" with the 'Let Me Down Slowly' singer, who revealed the answers to some highly Googled questions.

But the best moment came when Alec talked about meeting John Mayer for the first time.

Watched the video below!