Ariana Grande's Promotion of Local Black-Owned Coffee Shop Leads to Wide Spread Support

Grande has been a consistent supporter of 'Black Lives Matter'

June 19, 2020

Los Angeles based coffee shop, The South LA Cafe, has been experiencing a surge of customers after Ariana Grande shared an Instagram story of her coffee order from the local cafe.

Celia and Joe Ward-Wallace, a husband and wife duoopened The South LA Cafe in Los Angeles’s South Central area. On the cafe’s website, their mission says, “We are committed to bringing to our South LA community the same quality food and drinks found in other neighborhoods, but with pricing that is affordable. We are committed to becoming a central hub in the community where everyone will know your name, and where you will feel a sense of belonging.”

Ariana has been using her platform to support the Black Lives Matter movement as the country has woken up to the idea of speaking out against racial injustices. In an effort to move away from supporting potentially problematic companies like Starbucks, Grande shared an image of the local, Black-owned coffee shop and urged LA residents to try the new spot.

In an earlier Instagram post, Ari urged her massive following to continuously and sustainably pursue justice. “Again, I ask my followers to please keep signing these petitions, making donations if u are able to, continue having conversations w family and friends about racism (overt and covert) and the senseless acts of murder that happen in this country far too often, please keep reading up, following accounts on here (i will recommend some!) to keep u updated and learning and sharing links and resources.. our black friends need us to show up and to be better and to be vocal. now more than ever. online. offline even more so. this is more than a post. we have to show up. there is work that needs to be done and it is absolutely on us to do it,” Grande explained.

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