BTS Has Announced a Concert That You Can Actually Attend

Cuddle up to your monitors, ARMY fans... This show is going global

August 13, 2020

BTS is refusing to let the coronavirus pandemic stop them from performing, and instead are holding a socially distant show that's streaming online for fans across the world.

Check out the promotional poster they tweeted, late Wednesday night. The guys stare off into a sandy abyss wearing dynamite red coats. We can only image the trailing rosy fabric signifies a carpet roll out for the big event.

The global superstars will hold BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E concert October 10 and 11 in Seoul, South Korea. Limited seating will be available at the venue in compliance with government-mandated COVID-19 prevention policies. No word yet on streaming specifics for the online portion. It’s the first in-person performance for the BTS after their Map of the Soul: Tour was canceled due to the pandemic.

There’s no doubt these K-pop Kings have been hard at work this summer. BTS announced their new film, Break The Silence: The Movie, last week - showing behind the scene moments while touring globally. RMJinSugaJ-HopeJiminV, and Jung Kook will all be featured in the new documentary-style film. The group will also offer up a special re-release of Bring The Soul: The Movie.

But the hustle doesn’t stop there. MTV recently announced the group will be performing their newest and yet to be released single “Dynamite” at the MTV Music Video Awards, August 30. This marks the first-ever VMA performance for BTS, who are nominated for three moon people including Best Choreography, Best Pop and Best K-Pop.

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