Dixie D'Amelio's Bedroom Dreams Come True for 'Be Happy' Remix Video

Featuring blackbear and Lil Mosey

September 21, 2020

Dixie D’Amelio has just released the remix of her debut single “Be Happy.” For the new version of the track, Dixie teamed up with blackbear and Lil Mosey, oh and that’s not all. D’Amelio also enlisted fellow TikTok star Noah Beck to play her island lounging lover boy. Queue the screaming teens.

Before releasing the catchy bop, Dixie shared just how thrilled she was for us to hear her remixed jam with a post on instagram, “Be Happy Remix in 12 hours. so excited for all of you guys to hear 🖤.”

With the track’s release, came a dreamy music video, in which Dixie’s pensive bedroom daydreams take her to tropical locations with her rumored beau IRL Noah Beck. Of course the two are claiming to be “just friends,” not sure if we’re buying it, but what we are buying is a one way ticket to that islands of our dreams, even if it is green screen, just leave us there, let us be.

Check out Dixie’s remix to “Be Happy” above.

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