Jamie Lynn Spears Mistook Miley Cyrus For Sister Britney

How the picture momentarily fooled Jamie

July 9, 2019

Miley Cyrus recently shared a photo of herself decked out in a red jumpsuit. The outfit channeled throwback pop, and Miley even used Britney Spears’ iconic “Oops!... I Did It Again” lyrics as a caption.

“Oops, you think I'm in love, that I'm sent from above.... I'm not that innocent..... - @britneyspears,” she wrote in the post. Miley took so many notes from 2000s pop, Britney’s sister Jamie Lynn Spears actually thought the photo was of Britney Spears.

“First glance I thought this was Britney,” Jamie confessed in the comments.

The shot from her “Mother’s Daughter” video came as one of like a billion posted to her Instagram. The cameo-filled video features an appearance from mother Tish Cyrus and highlights just how amazing their relationship is.