The 'BTS Universe Story' Game Looks Unreal

Get lost in the K-pop Kings' new digital fantasy world

September 16, 2020

BTS released an action packed trailer for their upcoming mobile game, BTS Universe Story.

Footage shows the seven group members wading through a city-scape marred with chaos and destruction. That changes after a digitized aside transports one member to an island soaked in moon light, inhabited by a lone white cat.

Band members oscillate between life events based in virtual and objective reality, promoting interactive game play for BTS fans hoping to escape the quarantine doldrums.

Trailer scenes reference music videos for “Run” and “I Need U.”

BTS Universe Story drops September 24 on iOS and Android platforms. The game’s official website touts the project as an interactive storytelling experience allowing players to make choices in order to decide narrative outcomes.

Users can access “Story Creation” mode, weaving their own narratives with in-built tools, and “Collection” mode, allowing players to dress BTS members in clothes and accessories. Users who pre-register can even acquire an exclusive outfit on Google Play, or the App Store.

This isn’t BTS’ first foray in digital gaming. Back in June, the guys took over a digital version of the card game UNO, allowing stans the option to get collectible BTS card sleeves, avatars, voice packs, and more. They also previously release their BTS World experience.

Last month, the K-pop Kings took the MTV VMA stage to deliver a live performance of their record-breaking, new, single, “Dynamite.” Their boy band realness reached new heights as the group showed off slick synchronized choreography and their smooth, up-tempo vocals commanded the stage on the other side of the world.

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